Album or singles?

Ok, a change in plans. I was planning on releasing an album around February this year, pre-releasing a single or two (What if, Bass), trying to get some airplay, trying to get some gigs, then trying to sell the album… Not doing that anymore. Let me tell you why:

As a musician, or any other creative person for that matter, you need to constantly adapt. Musicians need to adapt to the ever changing music industry.
A long time ago when you recorded a song, you needed to put it on an album, print an actual physical record, lp, tape, cd, whatever and then distribute it to stores so people could buy it and listen to it. You could print singles and albums, but the album gave you more music for less money. So ever since the early seventies, albums sold more than singles. Link to article.
But since music went digital that’s not the case anymore. Face it. Downloading and especially streaming is here to stay. Listen to a song, anytime, anywhere, for free! YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, whatever… since 2008 it has effectively become a “single market” again!

Albums still exist, yes, but they have basically become merchandise. It’s something you sell on your concerts along with t-shirts and posters.

So what’s my new plan?
1. I will release a new song every month. With an accompanying music video.
2. While also still making video’s about how I do things, to inspire and motivate you and myself to keep making music
3. Posting the occasional video of live performances, on location or in my home studio
4. I’ll still print a physical album after releasing, let’s say 10 songs, just as a collector’s item or merchandise

Now how’s that for a hard working musician!
Slacker musician, my ass!
Willemsson out

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