So I made this new video in which I am giving a small tour of my studio. 

I’m trying not to brag about gear or show off too much, but I guess I am proud of my little kingdom. I am by no means a gear slut. I don’t collect gear, just for the sake of collecting. I use it all, and if I don’t, I sell it. But as a producer / arranger you like to have options and when it comes to gear, you really need to focus on the sound BEFORE you think about recording it.

I guess what that means is (in decreasing order of importance):

  1. Learn to play the guitar, learn to sing, etc…
  2. Get a great sounding instrument, be it an acoustic guitar/bass, or electric guitar with a great sounding amp. And when I say great sounding, I don’t mean expensive. From a producer’s point of view you need to get the right  sound for the song/production. And sometimes the right sound is the cheapest instrument. (And sometimes not). Like when my Dan Electro Longhorn bass can sometimes be a better option than my 1970s Fender Mustang. And for a third of the price!
  3. Record using the right mic. Again right doesn’t equal expensive. My Rode NT-2 (300€) has almost always proven to be the better mic for my vocals than the Neumann TLM-49 (1500€).
  4. Record and mix it using any interface, audio software, plugins, etc… 
    I really think a recording made by, let’s say Keith Richards with 500€ worth of gear, will sound better than a recording by a beginner/bad guitarist with all the gear in Abbey Road studios.


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