Contemplating on making a music video for every song of the new album. Why? We are living in a visual world and to grab and hold someone’s attention these days, it has become a necessity.
But I’ve come to the conclusion that the video doesn’t have to be an expensive, over-the-top production. Michael Jackson’s (and MTV’s) days are long gone. Maybe just something that intrigues the viewer and adds another dimension to the song.

I’ve been looking at stock and public domain video’s, they are a great source of interesting video material. Also got some ideas for shooting some myself. But I need to keep in mind some advice my brother once gave me. It was after he had seen one of my earlier music video’s (I think it was ‘The Most’). He noted that while I had spent days, if not weeks of writing, recording, polishing, mixing and mastering the audio, I should not “demote” it’s professional level by shooting an amaturish music video.

And indeed I believe a non-video could be just as, if not more, effective and enjoyable than a more traditional music video (cfr. ‘ooh look at me I am walking through the woods in slowmotion’, etc…).

I even have some props lined-up for an upcoming video (a little apparatus called YellowFellow, courtesy of Niek). More on that later.

Meanwhile I’m still inspired and still excited to keep up the hard work.

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