Channel trailer

Been working on a channel trailer for YouTube. It has to be between 30 and 60 seconds, engaging, clear, to the point, informative, entertaining, etc.

Okay, first things first, what will I say? The text I have so far:

Hi I’m Willemsson, musician, composer, singer and blogger.
As any modern-day artist, I need to be a jack of all trades. So I’m also running my own label (Lemsso Records), recording and mixing most of my songs at my homestudio in beautiful Ostend, on the westcoast of Belgium.

Welcome to my YouTube channel. It features every official music video I make, and also behind the scenes footage. This way I hope to share some of my experience and some of the joy I have making music.

So join me, leave comments below and as always: don’t forget to subscribe!

This is a work in progress, and the channel trailer should change over time, getting updates when needed. Hmm, I see I mentioned ‘behind the scenes footage’, I guess I need to shoot some of those first. Now where did I put that camcorder

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