Ever since my first synth, a CASIO sk-200, I have loved beats. I remember pressing start/stop and the 120bpm ‘rock 1’ preset started pumping lo-fi samples, straight into my soul. I was hooked. I even took the small keyboard with me in my bed and listened for hours into the night (with headphones on ofcourse, as not to disturb my parents or sister).

Weirdest thing is though, I have been ashamed of loving beats for most of my childhood and adolescence. Beats (and all drums for that matter) was something my father never got, so it was frowned upon. Too loud, too monotonous, etc. And although our differing taste in music was obvious from the start (he never ‘got’ The Beatles), his influence cannot be underestimated. The fact he earns a good living writing and playing his own music probably had something to do with it. Children want their parents approval, right?

I sometimes wonder what influence I have on my son. It’s kind of inevitable to want him to like the same music I do. Even though he is only five, I try to let him develop his own taste. But when asked which musical instruments he would like to play he answers: ‘Piano and bass guitar, just like my father.’ <melt>

Anyway, suffice it to say I’m no longer ashamed loving beats and I hope my son won’t be ashamed for his taste in music (even if it were to differ from mine).


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