The voice

A while back I got a call from a recruiter for the television show  ‘The Voice’. He had found me online, heard I was a singer and asked me if I was interested in auditioning for the show. My first reaction was: ‘Uhm no, why would I? Have you actually seen the show? It’s ridiculous and it has got nothing to do with music.’ I didn’t say that out loud ofcourse. I politely declined and when he asked me for a reason I said: ‘I am more of a songwriter, and I think the show is more performer oriented?’

I sometimes wonder that maybe these television programs are the only way to reach a bigger audience these days. A way to break-through. But then I think of David Bowie, Mark Everett, Prince, Kurt Cobain, and many others, and realize that there is no way these guys would ever have passed the first round on The Voice. (There are rounds on this show, right? Or I may be confusing it with similar programs).

It frightens me that so many ignorant people take part in these competitions, only to find out they have been used. (It is a TV show, duh). And now they are stuck, having signed a contract, can’t release their own music, can’t perform without the station’s consent, etc… Thinking they would become a star, when the only stars of the show are the judges. (Hmm Slumdog Millionaire comes to mind).

Someone should take a hidden camera behind the scenes, really.
We have no inkling…. really.

/rant off


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